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The Outpost: "The Peace You Promised"

Yavalla and Wren, looking askance at Janzo
Janzo: “What if it was designed to keep EVERYONE out?” Wren: [looks askance]
Photo: Aleksandar Letic/NBCU International (Fair Use)

Breaking news: Season 3 order extended by 13 episodes, rather than renewed for a 4th season? Also, a promotion for Janzo!


Wren and Janzo continue their meet-cute.

Zed and Talon try to play 11-dimensional chess. It’s so sad when political rookies get eaten alive.


Yavalla graciously agreed to let the enslaved humans out of the quarry... after there was no need to keep them working. She continues to fail to look like she’s not hiding something.

And I think I saw an old nemesis is returning?

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